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Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Symptoms of Liver Cancer The liver is the largest organism in the body and performs various important functions to keep the body free from toxic substances and harmful substances. The right upper quadrangular bed of the stomach is located, just below the ribs.



The liver is responsible for the production of bile, which is a substance that helps you digest fat, vitamins, and other nutrients. It also stores nutrients such as glucose and breaks drugs and toxins.
Liver cancer, also called hepatic cancers, is cancer that starts in the liver. When cancer develops in the liver, it destroys the liver cells and interferes with the ability of the liver to function normally. There are two types of liver cancer. Primary liver cancer, which starts in the liver cells. Whereas, cancer that starts somewhere else and ultimately reaches the liver, it is called liver metastasis or secondary liver cancer.

Different Types of Primary Liver Cancer

Various types of primary liver cancer are produced from various liver cells. The primary liver can be started in a lump in the cancer liver, or at several places within the liver at the same time.
1. Hepatocellular hepatocellular:
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), also called Hepatoma, is the most common type of liver cancer. HCC starts in the main type of liver cells, called Hepatocellular cells. Most cases of HCC are the result of infection of cirrhosis of the liver due to hepatitis B or C, or alcohol.
2. Fibrolammer HCC:
Fibrolamellar HCC is a rare type of HCC, which is generally more sensitive to treatment than other types of liver cancer.
3. cholangiocarcinoma:
Cholangiocarcinoma, which is commonly known as bile duct cancer, develops in the liver in the bile ducts such as a small, tube. To help digestion, these ducts are responsible for carrying gall to the gall bladder. When cancer begins in the tubes segment inside the liver, it is called intrahepatic bile canal cancer. However, when cancer begins in the section of tubules outside the liver, extra-peptic gall vascular cancer is called cancer.
4. Angiosperms:
Angiosarcoma is a rare type of liver cancer that starts with the blood vessels of the liver. This type of cancer progresses very quickly, so it is usually detected in a more advanced stage.
5. Hepatoblastoma: 
Hepatoblastoma is a very unusual type of liver cancer.
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Symptoms of liver cancer

Symptoms of liver cancer

Most people do not have symptoms in the early stages of primary liver cancer. As a result, liver cancer is detected very late. Symptoms of liver cancer include:
2.loss of appetite
3.Weight event
4.Abdominal pens
6.nausea and vomiting
7;Normal itching
8.Hepatagangli (enlarged liver)
9.Enhanced Spain
Since there are no widely recommended regular screening tests for liver cancer, people with the history of the family of the disease or other risk factors should talk to their doctor so that they can see the right steps to monitor or minimize their risk Can afford.

Risk Factors of Liver Cancer

Factors that increase the danger of primary liver disease include:
3.anabolic steroids
7.Less immunity and obesity

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