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pregnant 8 weeks belly

When a baby or baby is developing in a woman's uterus, she is called pregnant or pregnant and that condition is called pregnancy pregnancy. (pregnant 8 weeks belly) Pregnancy Care Week by Week

(pregnant 8 weeks belly)

Pregnancy Care Week by Week

Pregnancy is an important time of life for every woman and at this time they need good care. Today, we will tell you in the Pregnancy Care Week by Week Tips Hindi, how can you take care of yourself during pregnancy? (pregnant 8 weeks belly)

Symptoms of Pregnancy

First of all, it is important to know if you are pregnant right or not? For this, you read the following symptoms and see if these symptoms are being applied to you or not? (pregnant 8 weeks belly)

  •     Menstrual bleeding
  •     Vomit
  •     Exhaustion
  •     dizziness
  •     Changes in breasts
  •     frequent urination

What to do if these symptoms apply to you

If you have the above mentioned symptoms, then first of all you should do two main tasks –

First of all, come with a medical dispensary or a Pregnancy Test Kit from the store and test at home.

 If your Pregnancy test tells you positive then you should meet your doctor as soon as possible and talk about this topic.

After appointment with the doctor, you will also get confirmed fully about your pregnancy and you will also get good advice and tips.

Below we will tell you in this post how you can take care of yourself in different trimester of pregnancy.

months of pregnancy are calculated in 3 trimester trimesters. They are like this –

1st quarter of pregnancy to 1-13th week

The first quarter or first trimester is a very important time for the child to develop. In such a situation, there will also be physical and emotional changes in you. You may realize that you are pregnant pregnant, but some women realize this in a 4 or 5 weeks.This is the fastest growth of the child in this quarter. In most cases, most of the women are allowed to hear a heart beat of their child by the 12th week of their first quarter. In the first trimester, there will be a lot of changes in your body. Maybe physically you have experience of these below given baldlaws.

such as

  •   Feeling fatigue - At this time most of your body is mostly involved in the energy development of the child. In such a situation, when you do more work, you may feel exhausted due to less energy. That's why you should rest much at such times. If you feel overwhelmed, then sleep for a while. If possible, at this time you can ask your partner to take leave from the office so that they can help you in the home.
  •  Vomiting or having - in the first trimester you may feel a little vomit. In this way, due to excessive spicy and oil-rich foods, its symptoms increase. If you feel more vomiting or feeling overwhelmed, meet your doctor as soon as possible.
  •  Frequent urination - You may have frequent urination. This happens to a lot of women after one week of pregnancy. This is due to the progression of progesterone hormone in the companion. At this time, the body sends the maximum blood in the pelvic region, causing irritation in the bladder and repeated urination.
  • Breast Changes - Because of the increase of progesterone and estrogen, the first trimester you can experience some types of changes in the breasts too. You can see the symptoms like nipple of breasts, thickening of breasts, or pain on touching.

It is very important to take care of some things in the first trimester of pregnancy. 
Read the following points correctly
  • If you used to take any medicines before pregnancy, then talk to your doctor about your pregnancy and ask if it will be safe to eat or not.
  • If you are an Indian woman then you can go to your nearest Primary Center and make your Mother's Card. This will give you the services available to the pregnant women.
  •     Eat meat, eggs or fish properly cooked Always cook freshly cooked meat and eat well.
  •     Boil the milk well and drink it.
  •     If you drink too much coffee then stop drinking while in pregnancy or drink less.
  •     Keep your surroundings clean and wash your hands well after touching the pets.
  •     Do not use alcohol or cigarettes.
  •     In these first 3 months, the child joins the mother's uterus, so do not travel much.
  •   Talk to your doctor about the right vaccination.            

(pregnant 8 weeks belly)

Pregnancy Care Week by Week

Second quarter of pregnancy till 14th-27th week

Second quarter is considered to be somewhat good for pregnant women. You will see that the lot of sari which you saw in the first quarter will have started to recover. Now you are feeling well with your own fetus.

In the second trimester, you can see some of the following symptoms:

  • Dysfunction - Your baby's full weight at this time is above your stomach, in which case you may also have acidity and there may be discomfort in food digestion. If you have more acidity problems talk to your doctor about this topic.
  • Drawing a thick line below the stomach's navel - With the development of the baby in the uterus, you can see the first trail of the stretch as a thick line below the middle of your abdomen.
  • Change in nipple - The color of the nipple may be thick and it may start to develop colostrum colostrum. It is a nutritious element for any child who is in this quarter.
  •  The feeling of moving the child - it's a matter of great happiness for every pregnant woman that she feels the baby she is having in her womb. By the end of this quarter you will be able to feel the movement of the baby in your stomach.
  • A slight reduction in breathing - you may find it difficult to breathe a little in this quarter.
  • Pain in the waist - Due to the growth of the child and the increase in weight, the reed bone is stressed, hence there is a problem of pain in the waist.

Keep these things in mind in the second quarter –

You must meet your doctor in the 18-19th week because most doctors at this time do ultrasound Ultrasound. This report reveals the correct position of the child and you can also see the baby in your stomach for the first time and you can also listen to the heart beat.

Start your child's preparation and start shopping for him too.  Read books related to good inspirational and child care and do not make intrusive bills.

Third quarter of pregnancy from the 28th week to the child's birth week

In the third trimester, there will surely be a feeling in your mind because the time to become your mother will be very close. Now your child's weight will have increased. Due to this you can see some more and new symptoms in this quarter.

Amniotic Fluid Amniotic Fluid in the womb of this time is around one liter, due to which you may experience some difficulty.

In the third trimester you can see some such physical changes –                                                              
  • Difficulty breathing - Due to the development of the uterus due to the development of the middle stomach / diaphragm, the pressure in the diaphragm starts to change, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. In the last few weeks, it will be difficult to remove when some of the stomach slips downwards.   
  •  Difficult to sleep - due to the stomach and child being large, difficulty in gold can be born. In this way, you can sleep properly with the help of a pillow.    
  • Emission of urine by itself - due to excessive pressure on the bladder emits urine. This is not a matter of concern.    
  • Changes in skin - Varicose veins may appear, due to pressure in the nerves of the feet. Contact your doctor as soon as possible. What type of safe exercise can you talk to your doctor if you do not turn your legs over and over again? Do not stand for long periods and if possible, lower your feet while sleeping, sleeping less than it will reduce blood pressure.  
  • Stretch marks in the stomach, thigh and waist - Stretch marks or stretch marks on the stomach, thigh and waist you can easily see. Due to excessive stretch, excessive itching occurs on stretch marks.                 

Preparation for delivery -

In the last weeks of this quarter, you can prepare for delivery. Do not panic much, but it is a natural thing in the first delivery. If you are worried about anything else, talk to your doctor about it without delay.

We have prepared this post by reading from the largest Authority Health Websites on the Internet. Some symptoms may be different in actual pregnancy condition. You should follow the advice given by the doctor and follow their instructions in the pregnancy.

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