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Essay on holi

Holi is the festival of colors. Describe your children going to school about Holi festival with an easy and simple essay or speech. Holi is our cultural and traditional festival which we all celebrate very happy with. So, let's give information about this to your inherent.



Holi Essay 1 (100 words)

Holi is associate Indian pageant celebrated within the spring. This is a very ancient festival. And within the month of Falgun of the year is well known. On at the present time, play with all the big and young colors. Holi is the festival of colors, which is celebrated every year in the month of Phagun (March) by Hindu fanaticism. This pageant full of excitement brings feeling and proximity to every alternative for North American country. In it, people meet together, they embrace and embrace each other with colors and Abir. During this time, all together sing religious and lagoon songs on Dholak, Harmonium and Kareel's tunes. On this day, we eat specially made Gujia, Papad, Pudding, Water-complete, and curd-so etc. Holika combustion is finished every day before the Holi pageant.
It is a festival of fun and entertainment. All Hindu individuals celebrate it with nice enthusiasm and harmony. This pageant generates feelings of affection and brotherhood among individuals.

Holi Essay 2 (200 words)

Holi is additionally a wide celebrated pageant by the Hindus, like Diwali. This comes in the month of Phagun, which comes in the spring of Phagun, which is considered to be the beginning of spring also. Every year the reasons for celebrating Holi are also its history and importance.

Why is Holi celebrated?

Long years ago, there was a dirty sister of a bad brother named Hirany Kashyap, who wanted to burn his brother Prahalad in his lap and burn him. Prahlad was a follower of Lord Vishnu World Health Organization saved Prahlad from Holika's fireplace and created the Holika ashes within the same fireplace. Since then, people of Hindu religion celebrate Holi every year as a victory for good against the evil power. In this pageant of colors, they celebrate Holi all day by putting each other with color and gulal.

In India, Holi celebrations area unit celebrated in several states in several ways that. This is a colorful pageant that is well known with nice joy by the individuals of the Republic of India. Holi is slightly apart from all other festivals. Its message is full of fun and colors. The human community celebrates this pageant with its completeness by forgetting all its sorrows, conflicts and anger.
Holi Essay

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Holi Essay 3 (300 words)

Holi may be a colorful pageant which individuals of each faith celebrate with full enthusiasm and fun. Holi is a wonderful festival of colors that people of Hindu religion celebrate with great fanfare every year in India. These festivals come in the month of spring in the month of Phagun (March), which is the most joyous festival like Diwali. It is celebrated per annum on the primary day of Chaitra month. During this, the entire nature and atmosphere are very beautiful and colorful.
Bonfire combustion
This festival of Holi starts on the last day of the month of Phagun Holika Dahan, and the next day is to be drenched in colors. Children await with the eagerness of the festival and before they come, preparing for the preparation of colors, pitches, and balloons etc. Also, the practice of Holika combustion by burning the pile of timber, grass, and dung at the crossroads of the road Plays.
Gathering in one place all night, the Holika performs the custom of the combustion by burning a pile of wood, grass, and dung. In this, women sang songs related to the custom. During this, all are in a pleasant atmosphere and Holi waits for the next morning to play. On this day, everyone forgets social discrimination and shines on each other and expresses happiness by distributing delicious dishes and sweets.
Holi is celebrated every year in Phalgun with color bingo. Holi is a major festival of Hindus present in India and India. But Holi celebrates not just Hindus but all people. Because Holi is celebrated with enthusiasm, new hope, and enthusiasm. On Holi, people meet together to embrace. And celebrate Holi by coloring each other. Meanwhile, religious and lagoon songs also sing. On this day, we eat specially made papads, pudding, Gujjars, etc. Holika combustion is done a day before the color of Holi. There is a history behind celebrating Holi.

Holi Essay 4 (400 words)

Holi is a major festival of India, it is also called the festival of colors, that on this day children play with colors and bless the elders and this day is celebrated very well. Holi celebration is celebrated every year on the full moon day in the month of March (Phagun). It is also known as the festival of unity, love, joy, happiness, and victory. We play this festival with bright and attractive colors to express love and happiness with each other. It has its own importance and there are many reasons, stories, and belief behind it. Story of holi

The long time ago, a King, Hirany Kashyap, his sister Holika and his son were Prahlad. Prahlad was a holy soul who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, while his father wanted that all worship him including Prahlad. But the devotee Prahlaad was not a saint and he always worshiped Lord Vishnu. Angry with this, his father planned to burn him with fire. He told his sister Holika that she took Prahlad in the lap and sat in the fire because Holika had received this boon from God that the fire could not burn her, but she thought of the matter of her brother sitting in the fire but Prahlad had no harm to this fire. But Holika got burnt and burnt in this fire. Holi celebration was born from this story.
Festival of Holi

As before long because the competition of Holi comes close to, we start pouring new enthusiasm.
On the occasion of this festival, all meet their loved ones, play Holi with colors and Abir, as well as participate in many actions which show happiness to each other.
In this manner, people celebrate this festival of colors with happiness.

Holi is a festival of colors and happiness celebrated in India. Holi is a well-known sort of a national competition in our country, on this day all schools, colleges, universities, offices, banks and all other institutions are closed so that all people can enjoy this colorful festival with their families. This is a competition on which individuals forget all the variations between them.
Holi Essay

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Holi Essay 5 (500 words)

For all, Holi is a festival that brings happiness and happiness. Everyone is waiting for Holi. Holi is the festival of colors. On Holi, everyone embraces each other by forgetting their teachings and teachings. It is a very important festival celebrated by the Hindu religion every year. This usually comes in the beginning of spring in the month of March. Everyone eagerly anticipates and prepares to celebrate it differently.

The story of Holika and Prahlad
Behind the celebration of Holi, the devotee Prahlad has the main role.
The devotee of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad, attempted to kill his father without worshiping him; for this, he asked his sister Holika to take Prahlada in her lap and sit in the fire because it was boon to Holika that she did not burn in the fire. Since Prahalad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, there was no harm to him in this fire, whereas blessings were burnt to burnt Holika. From that day every year, this festival is celebrated as a victory of evil on evil.

Holi Preparation
A day before Holi of colors, people remember the mythology of Holika Dahan by burning the stacks of timber, grass, and dung at night. It is believed that on at the present time, all the members of the family get rid of the mustard sour massage on the body, the filth of the body and the house becomes clearer and therefore the happiness and positive powers of the house are entered. On the next day of Holika Dhanah, all the people play colors with their friends, family and relatives. On this day, kids throw colors and pitch works and throw them on others. Everyone embraces each other's house and embraces each other and expressing affection and love by putting Abir on it. On this special occasion, they make sweets, yogurt, salted, papad etc. in their home.

How to celebrate harmonious Holi
People use different colors to play Holi. Old-fashioned folks used natural colors, due to which their skin does not suffer any harm. But now people use chemical-based color. Gulal ought to be used so no one gets any injury. Nobody should be forced to paint because someone's skin is sensitive. Chemical colors are terribly harmful to the skin, people are requested to use chemical-free color and make your holi very exciting.

  • Some Interesting Facts about Holi
  • Burning Holika daily before taking part in Holi is incredibly necessary.
  • The best time to play Holi is from morning until twelve noon.
  • Celebrating Holi is a sign of the arrival of the Rituraj spring.

Holi is a festival of colors and laughter - happiness. But many forms of Holi are seen. In the place of natural colors, the use of chemical colors, instead of cannabis, drunkenness and folk music, the trend of film songs is some of its modern forms.

Holi Essay 6 (600 words)


Holi is a colorful and important festival in India. It is celebrated every year by the people of Hindu religion on the full moon day of March (Phagun). People look forward to this festival with great curiosity and celebrate it with delicious dish and colors on that day. Children reach their friends in the morning with colors and patches, and on the other hand, the women of the house made chips, papad, snacks, and sweets etc. to welcome guests and make this day special.

History of Holi

Holi is a celebration of happiness and good luck which brings real color and joy to everyone's life. Through the colors, the distances between all are eradicated. Behind the celebration of this important festival, there is a mythological story related to Prahalad and his aunt Holika. Long ago, there was an Asura king, Hirany Kashyap. She was Prahlad's father and Holika's brother. He had received this boon that he could not kill any person or animal, neither by any weapon or weapon nor outside of the house nor in the day nor in the night. Due to this infinite power, Hirany Kashyap became arrogant and instead understood God as God, and instructed everyone to worship him, including his son.

Because on every side he was afraid, everyone started worshiping him except Prahlad because he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Irritated with this behavior of son Prahlad, Hirany Kashyap, along with his sister, planned to kill him. He ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlada in her lap and sit in the fire. The bonfire that got the boon of burning not the fire was consumed; on the other hand, the devotee Prahlad did not touch the fire god. From the same time, Holi celebrations started in the name of Holika by the people of Hinduism. It also sees us as the victory of good over evil. A day before the colorful Holi, people burn their entire evils with the Holika in a pile of wood, grass, and cow dung.

Everyone celebrates this festival with song, music, fragrant dishes and colors. On this day all schools, colleges, universities, offices, banks and all other institutions are closed so that people can celebrate this special festival with each other.

How celebrate Holi festival?

Holi is celebrated in two sides, one day plays with colors, then Holika combustion one day. Holika combustion occurs on the first side. Holika Dhanah is celebrated by Hindus a day before Holi. The historical reason behind Holika Dahan is. Holika burns the excrement of weeds, wood and dung outside the houses in Combustion. The ladies of the house go to the rhythm, and all embrace together and express love.

It is customary to play with Rango and Pichakari on the other side. This festival is a popular festival for children. On this day, small colorful small balloons filled with four moons on children's happiness.


The festival of colors is celebrated on the next day of Holika Dahan. On this day, children paint each other and greet everyone and congratulate everyone. Holi festival is celebrated in different states in different ways. Holi (the day of the full moon) is celebrated in the name of Holi Purnima of Holi on the first day. On this day people celebrate each other with color. On the second day, Puno says that on this day, the Holika combustion is done according to Muhurta.

Holi Essay 7 (700 words)

Holi is a famous festival of colors which is celebrated with great joy by the people of India every year in the month of Phagun. This is a festival of fun and festivity especially for children who are immersed in the colors of a month before and after Holi. It is celebrated by the folks of Hindu faith within the month of March throughout the Republic of India, especially in North India. As it comes to this wind festival of 'Holi' colors, a wonderful smile appears on the face. How many people did not know Holi, Holi of childhood or the grief of old age is always the same. All of you will have heard that famous song: 'On the day of Holi, the heart gets blossomed and colors get colored.'

Why is Holi celebrated?

There area unit several stories and mythological stories behind celebrating Holi in the Republic of India for years. This festival has its own importance, according to Hindu devotion, the festival of Holi has long been celebrated since ancient times when Holika sat in fire and killed herself to kill her brother's son. At that time there was a king named Hirany Kashyap whose son was Prahlad and wanted to kill him because he worshiped Lord Vishnu instead of worshiping him. For this reason, Hirany Kashyap asked Holika to take Prahlad in his lap and sit in the fire, in which the devotee Prahlad escaped but Holika died. However, his arrange conjointly unsuccessful, as a result of he was an acquaintance of Lord Vishnu, therefore the Lord protected him. Holika died in conspiracy and Prahlad survived. Since then people of Hindu religion are celebrating this festival. Just before Holi, Holika is combustion in which the man burns the evil of his own in a pile made of wood, grass and cow dung. During the Holika Combustion, everyone wanders around it and wished her good health and success and also consumed all its evil in it. There is also a belief in the festival that after massaging the mustard, all the diseases and evil of the masses are removed and the health of the whole year is well maintained. The festival of colors is celebrated on the next day of Holika Dahan. On this day, children paint each other and greet everyone and congratulate everyone.
After the next morning of Holika Dahan, people gather in a place to celebrate the colorful Holi together. Its preparation begins a week before it arrives, then whether the children and the elderly are eagerly awaiting it and making a lot of purchases for it. Even before he started playing with his friends, neighbors and loved ones, he started playing pitching and colored balls from a week earlier. On this day people go to each other's house and enjoy colorful gulas as well as fun cakes.

Holi of mystery
This festival, filled with colors, happiness, sweets, and dishes, is also known as the festival of brotherhood. Holika combustion is celebrated a day before the Holi festival, in which examples of victory of good over evil are given by burning Holika. Holi is a festival celebrated in India with joy and colorful festival which is celebrated by the Hindus very much. On this day, children pour color on each other with pitching and women paint each other and many good things are done on this day, such as meeting hugs and greeting each other with auspicious wishes.
In this festival, people forget the differences between themselves and bring new energy inside them with the onset of new life. The whole family in the Hindus waits for this unique festival year. The color is visible everywhere, the whole city becomes colorful. And gives a lot of happiness to each other. Different types of dishes are made in every house. In the evening, they all go to each other's house and Abir gulal takes place.
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