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Catch A Cold

Catch A Cold common cold problems may seem common in a hearing, but if it is not taken seriously in the atmosphere, then this serious problem can also be created. Sickness means that there is some problem in your respiratory system that needs to be redressed.

Catch A Cold

Catch A Cold

  • The change in the environment can be a cause of the cold.
  • It takes about four to nine days for the cold to recover.
  • Those who have less immunity, they are caught in colds.
  • Cold due to pollution can also be there.

    The common cold is a kind of allergic reaction in which nose or water comes out. In our respiratory system in cold weather, a mixture of pesticide and water becomes and it starts to be secretion through the nose and throat. Sickness is not a disease in itself, but it is a symptom of that the respiratory system has allergy or infection and if there is no remedy to correct it
How many days it takes to cure a cold, it depends on the body's immune system. Someone's cure gets cured in two-three, one can take four to five days, and one can take ten days.

Viruses such as Rhino, Adeno, and Korana can be caused by the flow of the nose or closed nose in the cold. Many times you may also complain about the body and head pain and dry cough during colds. These symptoms usually last for 4 to 9 days. Most of the people believe that they have the right to recover themselves, so they avoid taking medicines. But doing such things can sometimes be harmful too. Coldness is more in winter due to the weakening of our disease resistance in the changing season.

How does it cold (Catch A Cold)

The bacteria or virus present in the air get inhaled and enter into our body, causing infection. The result is that the water starts coming nose. This is the early stage of cold weather. Bacteria entering the body will cause infections in the respiratory process.

Occasionally there may be cold due to the sudden change of weather, cooling hot and going to a warm atmosphere. In addition, it is important to understand the difference between cold and influenza (flu). Often, colds are mistaken for understanding flu. Flu is caused by influenza viruses, but colds cause other reasons. Both diseases are sure to meet each other. During the flu, high fever seems to cause headache, limb pain, dry cough, and very weakness.

Those who have less immunity, they come soon in the grip of colds.

Cold due to pollution can also be there.

In addition to the patients of children, old age, sugar, high BP, TB, asthma, heart, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and anemia, colds become more prone to people suffering from malnutrition.

Those people whose body is sensitive or are in the grip of early infection, they can get cold soon.
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