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Learn about the common causes of dry eye

Learn about the common causes of dry eye
Learn about the common causes of dry eye


                    • Dry dryness, itching and burning in the eyes can be the symptoms of dry eye.
                    • Dry I syndrome reduces the production of tear in the eye.
                    • With aging, production of tear starts decreasing.
                    • Women usually have this problem after menopause.

Feeling dryness in the eyes, feeling itching and irritation, feeling the need to keep them mutated all the time, feeling like something has fallen in the eyes, without water due to the eyes, tiredness or swelling in the eyes without any reason Shrinking and shrinking is actually the dryness syndrome in the eyes.

Dryness in the eyes is a painful problem for the eyes. Increasing Pollution, Computer Use, AC Due to the use of addiction, stress relief, stress, high blood pressure and depressive remedies and vitamin A deficiency, are the main causes of dry-eye syndrome. However there are many other reasons for this. Many times the cause of this disease is not known.

Learn about the common causes of dry eye
Learn about the common causes of dry eye

Reasons for Diet Eye Syndrome

                                Dry ii syndrome either tears in the eyes begin to become less or do not have good quality. Keep tears, cornea and conjuctiva of the eye moist and wet, to protect it from drying. Indeed, there is tears in the eyes of a person. This tear-patch i.e. tier film is made up of three layers. The most interiors and finer layers of this movie are called the mucus layer. Tear water is formed by mixing with sodium chloride, sugar and protein, in which water is present mainly. Also, anti-infective antibacterial substances such as lysosyme, lactoferrin are also present in the tear. The outermost layer of the tier film is called the lipid or iliary layer. The lipit layer prevents the problem of flying or drying of tears. The lipid or iliary layer provides lubrication of the eyelids, which makes it easier for any person to blink.

There may be other reasons why there is not enough production of tears -

50 years of age

Even with aging, the production of tear starts decreasing. Therefore many times the production of tears is reduced in people over 50 years of age.


In women, this problem is usually seen, especially after menopause. This could possibly be due to hormonal changes.

Any health problem

Any health related problems, such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma, Susrogroence Syndrome, Thyroid Disease and Vitamin A deficiency etc.

Due to Laser Eye Surgery

Refractive eye surgeries, such as laser-assisted in-situ catamoleosis (LASIK) etc. can be caused due to lack of production of tears and dry eyes. The symptoms of dry eye related to these procedures are usually temporary.

Due to tear gland damage

Any kind of damage inflammation or radiation reaching tear glands can affect tear production. Which can lead to a decrease in production of tears.

Eyelid problems

Constant blinking of the eyelids creates a continuous thin film of tears across the surface of the eyes. So if you have any problem in blinking the eyelid then tears can not spread continuously thin film within the eye, and can be rapidly extinct. Due to which there may be problem of getting dry.

Drugs may be the cause of these medicines

• Some medicines used to treat high blood pressure
• Antihistamines and Dongstens
• hormone replacement therapy
• Some antidepressant medicines
• Isotretinoin medicines used for the treatment of acne

Some extra reason

• Quick cool air
• dry air
• Constantly working, driving or reading on a computer without blinking for a long time

If you have a burning sensation in the winter of winter, things may look bleak or you are not able to see it as a normal problem of eyes. People in the dry winter also have trouble in people due to the problem of eyes. According to one study, approximately 3.2 million women and 17 million men over 50 years of age are suffering from severe dry-eye syndrome.


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