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What is Augmentin 625
Augmentin 625

In organism 625, amoxicillin and clavanic acid are the main ingredients, with which it becomes a very powerful antibacterial drug, which increases its working limits and activates against bacteria. Amoxycillin resembles penicillin (anti-bacterial drug) which inhibits the growth of bacteria by interfering in the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall.

Clavuenic acid works to block beta-lactamase produced by bacteria. There is a family of enzymes produced by beta-lactamase bacteria that disables antibiotics. Therefore, clavonic acid boosts the power of antibiotics against bacteria.

Augmentin Uses

Agentin 625 is used for the following conditions:

  •      Respiratory tract infection
  •      Skin infection
  •      Sinus infection
  •      Urinary tract infection
  •      Dental and oral infection
  •      Soft tissue infection
  •      On the bite of infected humans or animals

How to Take Augmentin

The ogmantin is found in 625 tablets and suspension, which is taken every day by mouth once a day by mouth, according to the doctor. It is better to take it with food or later because  of taking it with food the drug is absorbed in the right way. To get good results, the 6000 Digitin should be taken at the same time intervals.

Instead of crushing or chewing the tablet, you should swallow the tablet completely, or swallow the two parts at once by breaking half-a-half. If you have trouble swallowing the tablet, talk to your doctor to use it in any other form.

Take a bottle well, before using it every time to take medicines well. Use the measuring spoon to take proper dose of medication.

Even if the symptoms disappear, its use should be continued till its dose ends.

Prior to use, the advice given by the pharmacist is always advisable to read the leaflet information and further questions should be resolved with the doctor or pharmacist.

Augmentin Side-Effects

The common side effects of this are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, gas in the stomach, white fungus such as patch, skin rashes and itching, vaginal fungal infections, etc.
   Apart from this, side effects such as easy bleeding, confusion, abnormal behavior or thought, lack of appetite, weakness and drowsiness have also been observed.

     Aggmatin 625 can cause severe form of diarrhea due to clostridium difficile.

Augmentin Common Dosage

The dose of this drug and how to take it is determined by the physician:

  •      Patient's age and weight of his body
  •      Patients health status and medical condition
  •      Severity of disease
  •      Feedback on first dose
  •      History of allergic and drug reactions
  •      Pills and suspension

Augmentin Precautions

  • Aggmatin 625 should avoid those patients who have history of allergic penicillin.
  •   Patients with epigenetic 625 related patients and jaundiced patients should not take first.
  •   Agamintin 625 viral infections such as flu, do not work in the common cold.
  •   Antibiotics should not be used unnecessarily because this reduces their effect.
  •   Patients with severe problems of liver or renal should avoid Agentin 625.
  •   HIV. Or patients with AIDS, mononucleosis, leukemia are also prohibited from taking an organism 625.

Caution about drug interaction

All interactive medicines can not be listed here, so you should tell your doctor about all the medicines and herbal products used by your doctor.

  •     Probenecid
  •     Allupurinol
  •     Warfarin
  •     Xanatid
  •     Chloroquine
  •     Methotrexate
  •     Microphenolate mofactil
  •     magnesium citrate
  •     Proton pump inhibitors like rabeprazole, omeprazole
  •     Antibiotics such as tetracycline, docscline
  •     Tramdol

Aggmatin 625 can also reduce the efficacy of mouth contraceptives. Do not do any amendments to any of the rules of medicine without consulting the doctor.

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